3 Best Air Fryer in India Review and Buying Advice (2020)

Are you looking to shop for the best Air Fryer in india that works with Rapid Air Technology and produce Healthy Oil Free Cooking?

In this post, I’m going list Down the top Air Fryers in India. An Air Fryer is an innovative Kitchen apparatus that cooks food with hot air rather than oil which makes it a must-have home appliance.

Benefits of using Air Fryer:

The Air Fryers uses Just a tablespoon of Oil and the Potato Chips, fish, and chicken comes out crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside.

The Output food of the Air Fryer has 80% less fat when compared with the Standard Cooking process.

So let’s dive into this list to see which Air Fryer works best for you.

1. Prestige PAF 6.0 Air Fryer


The great taste of fried food, now in a healthier, oil freeway. Enjoy oil free chips, snacks, meat, etc.

Air fryer a healthy alternative to fried food. What more? The food tastes exactly like the oil fried foods you are so familiar with.

The attractively styled Prestige Air fryer allows you to fry,  grill, bake and roast with advanced features such as 30-minute timer easy to use controls, easy to clean frying basket with up to 80 percent less oil consumption.

Key Highlights:-

  •     Frying basket capacity – 2.0 liter.
  •     Temperature ranges from 80 to 200 degrees Celsius.
  •     It comes with 1200 watts of power.
  •     Smoke vent for absorbing unwanted odor and smoke.
  •     Even heat distribution carrying handle for portability and accessories such as separator and cake basket, etc.
  •     It comes with 1 year of warranty.

Our first choice: This is the first-best Air Fryer With over 62% of 5-star rating on Amazon.

Key Features:-

Easy to Operate Control Knobs:

With one knob to control the temperature and one to control the timer, the air fryer gives you complete control over the frying process.

The timer control helps to set the timer for up to 30 minutes and temperature control helps to vary the temperature from 80 to 200 degrees Celsius.

Specially Designed Frying Basket:

The specially designed high capacity frying basket with high-quality non-stick coating allows hot air to be rapidly circulated so that the food is cooked evenly and quickly.

It comes with a safety switch which helps in easy handling of the basket. Also, it can be easily pulled out and cleaned and is dishwasher safe too.

Smoke Vent:

Prestige PAF 6.0 air fryer is skillfully designed with a smoke vent that keeps your kitchen fresh and clean by absorbing unwanted colors and smoke.

It also keeps the appliance free from oil and makes it easy to clean.

Compact Design:

Prestige Air Fryer PAF 6.0 has an innovative and compact design that requires lesser space to accommodate well in your kitchen.


This air fryer can perform various operations like fry, grill, roast, bake and more by circulating hot air in the basket. Thus making it extremely healthy and versatile.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance:

The air fryer comes with removable frying basket and grill that are easy to clean and maintain, thus making it user-friendly.

How It Works:

The Prestige PAF 6.0 Air Fryer uses hot air to prepare low-fat meals.

The air fryer makes use of hot air circulation very vigorously around the food content placed in the basket.

The fryer uses a grill and a fan to blast hot air around the food with high speed.

This super-heated air is circulated to all sides at once to heat and cook the food.

The air fryer can be used to get eatables fried, roasted, toasted or even baked within a few minutes to get healthy, fast and delicious food.

2. Havells Prolife Digi Air Fryer


With the unique Rapid air technology, Havells Air Fryer lets you fry, bake, toast, roast, grill and reheat the food with hot air making it up to 85 percent less oily over traditional deep frying.

 Making the snack crispy, it maintains the perfect balance between taste and health.

So enjoy your snack, guilt-free. It enables one to cook food extremely quickly and ensure the best result.

With a large cooking capacity, the basket comes with a separator that lets one cook multiple food items simultaneously thus saving a lot of time.

Key Highlights:-

  •     Havells Air fryer lets you fry, bake, toast, roast, grill and reheat the food with hot air making it up to 85 % less oily over traditional deep frying
  •     60 minutes timer with auto shut-off, Quick cooking time: 12 minutes frying, Temperature control knob: (80 – 200) °C, Cord length: 80 cm
  •     Capacity 4 liters.
  •     Wattage: 1230 W, The frequency is 50 Hz and the power input is 230 volts.
  •     1 main unit with pan, 1 large food basket 2.5 L, 1 instruction manual & 1 Recipe book with 1 main unit.

Our second choice: This is the second-best Air Fryer With over 62% of 5-star rating on Amazon.

Key Features:-

 Rapid air technology:

This air fryer from Havells is equipped with amazing rapid air technology.

This technology enables the fryer to fry, bake, toast, roast, grill and reheat the food with hot air, thus making the food less oily than other deep-fried options.

4-liter capacity:

You can make an ample amount of fried, roasted or grilled food in this air fryer. It has a capacity of 4 liters that makes it a utilitarian choice for a homemaker.

Auto on-off timer:

You do not need to worry about overcooked or undercooked fried food with this Havells air fryer.

It comes with auto on and off timer options that will help you to make sure that your food is cooked for the exact time you want it to be cooked for.

Cool-touch handle:

This air fryer from Havells comes with a cool-touch handle. The handle has been precisely designed to make sure that you do not burn your hands while using the fryer.

Air filtration system:

If you are worried about getting rid of any foul odor from this air fryer after using it, then you can relax.

This air fryer comes with an air filtration system that helps in cleaning this appliance with ease.

Sleek design:

Get appreciated for your choice when you bring home this air fryer from Havells. It features a sleek design that not only makes it compact and user-friendly but also adds to the decor of the kitchen.

3. American Micronic AMI-AF1-35CLDx Air Fryer


A better way to cook your favorite food with the American Micronic AMI-AF1-35CLDx- 3.5 Litres Air Fryer.

 This appliance can do more than just fry your food, it can also grill, roast and even bake your food.

 It can help you create anything from delicious cakes to tasty fried chicken at the comfort of your home.

Key Highlights:-

  •     Turbo Tunnel Fresh air technology with Non-stick frying basket.
  •     30 Minutes Timer with adjustable temperature control for the perfect result.
  •     50% Bigger, 38% faster, 27% more energy efficient than the first generation fryer.
  •     FREE Extended warranty for 3rd year.
  •     With 2 Years 100% Imported with Free home Pickup & Delivery for Warranty Repairs/Replacement all over India.
  •     3.5-liter capacity.

Our third choise: This is the third-best Air Fryer With over 58% of 5-star rating on Amazon.

Key Features:-

Stay-Cool Handle:

For complete ease and safety of handling, the air fryer is equipped with a stay-cool handle that is insulated against heat and electricity.

It remains safe to be touched during or after the operation.

Turbo Tunnel Fresh Air Technology:

This air fryer is interfaced with the Turbo Tunnel Fresh Air Technology that cooks food with little to no oil.

It also comes with a non-stick frying basket to prevent food from sticking to the surface.

Adjustable Temperature:

The operating temperature range of this air fryer is 200 degrees C.

This allows you to choose the optimal temperature required for frying, baking, roasting or any other cooking operations.

Precision Temperature Control:

The air fryer has a built-in timer function to get perfect results every time you cook, by managing the cooking time accurately.

It has an adjustable timer from 0 to 30 minutes.

Buying Guide of Air Fryer

Crispy fried food made with little or no oil is a deliciously tempting offer.

That’s the golden promise of air fryers, and it helps to explain why sales are up, making air fryers one of the hottest countertop appliances in the past year, according to the market research firm NPD Group.

Air fryers don’t fry food. Instead, a fan circulates hot air to quickly cook and crisp the food in the basket. They can also bake and reheat food.

1. Air Fryer Brand:​

Go for a popular brand. One that has built a reputation for themselves over the years. Compare the air fryers of some of these well-known brands and if you don’t like what you see, search for other brands.

2. Cooking need:

Sit down and think about what you’re likely to use this Air Fryer for – both in terms of the recipes you’ll make and the quantity of food you typically need.

If you want to fry your food, grill, roast and even bake your food in a healthier manner (oil-free).

Air Fryer takes lesser time to make your food ready.

3. The price range of Air Fryer:

This is also an important factor when you are buying an Air Fryer, If you ask me then I say if more features available at a decent price then it is good to buy.

4. Size of Air Fryer:

To get a perfect size, you have to consider the size of your family, i.e the number of people it’ll be cooking for as well as the size of your kitchen counter where you will be placing it.

In the Indian market, the average size of air fryer you would find will range from 2 to 4 liters with an average capacity to cook 1 kg of food.

5. Temperature:​

The fact is; different foods need different temperatures to cook.

So, when selecting an air fryer, go for one that has a wide range of temperature levels to accommodate any type of food you might want to use it for.

It is also important to go for one with maximum temperature and not one that has an indefinite temperature increase. Most found in India can’t exceed 200 degrees.

6. Controlling and Alerting Features:

A lovely and clear display of the control system is useful to help adjust timing and temperature. A timer is really important because it adds to the safety of the appliance.

7. Warranty:

Do not make any financial commitment except there is a written document that mandates the manufacturer to replace the appliance if it has a fault. The warranty time should be long enough as well.

Best Air Fryer Comparison Chart

Still, Confused? Here is my Best air fryer Comparison Chart and hope it helps you select the best air fryer model for your kitchen needs.

Best Air Fryer in India Prestige PAF 6.0 Air Fryer Havells Prolife Digi Air Fryer American Micronic AMI-AF1-35CLDx Air Fryer
FOOD BASKETCAPACITY 2.0 liter 2.5 liter 3.5 liter
Color  Black Black, white Black, silver
WEIGHT        3.2 kg 3.5 kg 6.5 kg
AUTO SHUTDOWN            Yes Yes Yes
WARRANTY  1 Year 1 Year 3 year
ONLINE AVAILABILITY            Buy from Amazon Buy from Amazon Buy from Amazon

Conclusion on Best Air Fryer in India

As a person’s being, you shouldn’t compromise your health for any reason; not even for that fried food, you’re keen on such a lot. Avoiding oil may be a great way of maintaining healthiness, however, most Indian foods are fried thus, this is often really difficult. that’s the rationale you ought to choose an air fryer. Enjoy your meal with none risk of oil-related diseases.

If this review helps you to find the best Air Fryer in India then please share this article with others so others will also find the best.

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