9 Excellent Websites to Check Ranking for Keyword

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One of the vital fundamentals of SEO is preference the right keyword, building them rank & track the keyword position in explore.

It is utterly compulsory for a blogger or SEO proficient to check their GOOGLE KEYWORD RANKING for target keywords. One of the mainly universal mistakes bloggers and website administrator compose is that they write and publish articles with no targeting any keywords at all.

It requires only 10-15 minutes to bring into play a keyword research tool like SEMRUSH or the GOOGLE KEYWORD search tool to find which keywords to make use of. Make sure or be confident that you take benefit of these tools in order to complete this very major step!

just the once you are over and done with writing an SEO-optimized post using your target keywords, your after task is to remain track of its search engine rankings and to keep on building backlinks by way of the appropriate anchor text.

over again, correct keyword choice is one of the most important factors concerned in achieving a better position in Google’s search engine.

Every blogger must be obliged to aim to make use of the keywords which users rummage around the most, more than ever those keywords which will lend a hand towards your website and give you an idea about to show up on one of the first few pages of search results.

If you bring about proper on-page SEO, probability are higher that you will become visible in the initial 50 search results.

To enhance your SEO, you must administer keywords as it have to be so that you can come across out which keywords are physically powerful for your meticulous domain and which are not.

This in sequence allows you to male effort on using the strongest keywords, thus greater than ever your likelihood of getting a enhanced ranking in Google and former search engines.

In order to achieve this goal, you need a tool which can let you know, where a unambiguous keyword ranks in Google’s search results devoid of manually going through 100’s of search results and pages.

To lend a hand you to do this, we have compiled a list of some outstanding free online tools to make use of to check your purpose keyword position in Google.

1. SEMrush

SEMrush keyword checker tool

SEMrush is my favorite tool on this list as it is a inclusive explanation for check ranking for keyword.

You can cross the threshold your website URL or the individual URL of a blog post, and it will give you an idea about which keywords you are at present ranking for. You can supplementary click on any resulting keyword to make sure keyword competition and former details.

It supports Google (you can plump for Google Search based on your objective geographical region) and Bing. If you increasingly speculate, “What keywords do I rank for?”,  has got your enclosed. basically add your domain name in the URL field, and it would give you an idea about your all the keywords that you are at present ranking for.

SEMrush is specialized software that is trouble-free to use, and you can be able to endeavor it for a couple of weeks for free previous to decide whether you want to subscribe.

You can avail a free 14-day trial of SEMRUSH.         

Overall, SEMRUSH is an astonishing tool for checking the position of keywords in search engine.

2. Ahrefs

ahrefs keyword tracking tool

As per my opinion

I’m pleased with SEMrush, but if constantly i have to place back it with anything else, it’s going to be Ahrefs. you can also check bulk keyword rank.

This one is encumbered with loads of enormous features. It without human intervention detects what keyword your website is ranking for & you can denote ranking based on country.

3. SERPWatcher

serpwatcher check ranking for keyword

Most of the blogger are gigantic fan of SEO tools offered by Mangools as they effort great & offer great UI. SERPWatcher is the most recent addition which let you pathway keyword position for any domain. You can track keyword position based on Geolocation  & devices (Desktop and mobile).

You can get hold of one of their paid plan to track more keywords. The pricing is most level-headed under the paid tool & will fit your abridged flawlessly.

4. Google Rank Checker

google keyword rank checker

Google Rank Checker is an first-rate free online effectiveness which helps users track keyword positioning in Google search engine results.

In order to use this overhaul, basically put in the keyword you want to search next to with the domain name, and it will demonstrate you the location of that definite keyword in Google.

It’s that straightforward

5. AccuRanker

accuranker check keyword rank

If you are looking for a enthusiastic paid keyword position examiner, then AccuRanker is a just right choice.

The primary fixation that I appreciated about AccuRanker is their border which is instinctive and you can without difficulty get in full swing. You can path keyword ranking in Google search and they also have an alternative for Bing search. 

They are radiating speedy and moderately exact. by means of a solitary become clear, you can also see the partial view of search result photograph which is just right for agencies who could do with to show the ranking confirmation to the clients.

They have an assortment of plans based on the number of keywords you would like to pathway, however you can get going for free using their 14 days free trial.

6. Similar web

similarweb keyword tracker

SimilarWeb is a immense tool for obtain interchange insights for any website.

All you could do with is type your URL in and inside second this tool will provide you a description on your global, country, and category ranking.

Incorporated is a graph presentation the number of times a site has been visit in a week over the last six months.

even though not stringently keyword position, SimilarWeb will present you an suggestion of how well your site is doing with regards to traffic—in sequence that can enhancement any keyword ranking tool’s reports, more than ever if you’ve opted for a ranking tool that doesn’t be evidence for you which sites are having better performance than yours.

SimilarWeb will also provide you an sign of how many views your site has inward bound as a result of social media, searches, referrals, and ads.

You’ll also be endowed to add competitors that you want SimilarWeb to pathway, and in return, the tool determination make its suggestion for competitors it believes you should maintain and When opting for a fundamental description ($99 per month) or the highly developed description ($599 per month), you’ll be offered a free of charge trial period. The enterprise account ($2999 per month) does not comprise a trial period.

 7. Moz Rank Tracker

moz keyword rank tracker

Even though Moz is well thought-out to be a most important SEO consulting company, their position Tracker cataract small of the criterion lay down by a a small number of other far above the ground ranking tools—at smallest amount in our estimation.

Moz Pro does affectionate a authoritative rank track tool that allows you to get hold of reports on your site, page, and keywords’ search engine marks for Google, Yahoo, and Bing via email, and the tool stores your intelligence for association at your expediency.

You’ll be able to make out your ranking on a global, national, and local scale—and by local we denote city and neighborhood. The Moz Pro wrap up (which the Moz Rank Tracker falls under) will consent to you to measure up to your results to competitor using the Moz Domain influence tool.

With their SEO tools, you’ll also be intelligent to optimize your search engine results, measure up to mobile versus desktop rankings, and come across any issues with your site pulled out up by the software’s crawlers.

There is a 30-day free trial period obtainable, after which you’ll have the alternative of benchmark, intermediate, great, or first-rate Moz Pro packaged, ranging from $99 to $599 per month. There is a unimportant money off obtainable should you decide on to compensate per annum.

8. Rankscanner

An additional cloud-based rummage around engine results page tracking tool, RankScanner is full to capacity with a congregation of functional tools.

This implement will analyze your SEO performance without human intervention (once you’ve lay down up a pack up) once you’ve let the tool be on familiar terms with which keywords you want it to rank and will make available you with algorithms contain suggestion for new-fangled keywords you should get going integrating into your site.

RankScanner will also let know you of change to your situation prominence, and have to your site’s rating go down you’ll be agreed unambiguous suggestion for improvement.

RankScanner also promises 100% accurateness for all their keyword tracking, and word of honour to straight away run a second scrutinize at no additional cost have to they suppose any errors with their description.

The numeral of keywords you can ask RanksScanner to roadway for you differ from package to package, as do the numeral of Buzz mention obtainable and constancy of reports.

The Basic Package, geared for start-ups and blogs, is without charge and of course the on the whole some degree of option accessible, but their on the whole all the rage opportunity is the Silver Package at on the subject of $10 a month.

RankScanner also offers a Gold Package for highly developed users at $32.50 a month, and a Platinum tie together for endeavor user at $55 per month.

9. Wincher

wincher keyword research

Considered for track your keyword rank for Google, Wincher is well thought-out one of the unsurpassed tools obtainable.

You’ll have advantage from a 14-day free trial period earlier than being asked to sign up, but once you be converted into a remunerated user you’ll be able to keep an eye on your in progress ranking and distinguish how it fluctuate over time.

Wincher allows you to attach numerous domains and keywords, so you’ll be gifted to weigh against your site to the opposition.

And if a competitor ranks up and about and overtakes you, Wincher will transmit you a announcement so you can analyze the incidence and make a decision how most excellent to act in response with change of your own to get better your ranking.

Wincher afford you the capability to analysis analytic reports on a every day, weekly or monthly basis, to assemblage your keywords for a clearer overview of your site’s ranking, and to get your reports in PDF format for archiving or arrangement in meetings.

Most excellent of all, if you’ve build your site using WordPress, Shopify or Weebly, you’ll be intelligent to add Wincher as a plug-in to your contented management system’s dashboard for straightforward right of entry.

The only main consequence to using Wincher is with the intention of it’s not capable to track your site for Bing and Yahoo.


As i told you for bonus tool here it is UBERSUGGEST, yes it is completely free and very productive it has many features to help you at the beginning.

ubersuggest keyword checker

In my starting days i also use this tool and believe me it is very productive, if you want me to do a tutorial on ubersuggest that how you can make more from this free tool.

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